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Automated stem cell culture - CompacT SelecT

Automated stem cell culture - regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Automated stem cell culture CompacT SelecT - large scale expansion of cells, including mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells
CompacT SelecT has been chosen by a number of organisations for large scale expansion of stem cell cells, including mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells, for research, as well as for development programs that intend to use automated cell culture for production of material for cell therapies. The CompacT format offers walk-away automated stem cell culture in small footprint system that could be fitted into most laboratories in a space similar to a standard TC hood. Most adherent mammalian cell lines can be easily grow in the system, from standard CHO stable cell lines to embryonic stem cells, with minimal change from the standard manual flask-based processing.
CompacT SelecT grows cells from multiple cell lines in T-flasks for cell line maintenance and expansion. It can generate assay-ready plates on demand for cell-based screening and assay development.
Over 20 systems are in use in laboratories across the world - including many for automated stem cell culture, stem cell harvesting and related applications.
Flasks are automatically loaded and retrieved from the incubator which is monitored for temperature and CO2
stem cell harvesting in flasks
The harvested contents of several flasks are pooled and then will be poured
into a new flask.
CompacT SelecT automates:
  • Expansion and maintenance of multiple cell lines
  • Sub culturing
  • Cell counting and viability measurement
  • Processing of single, Triple and 10 layer (HYPERFlask) flasks
  • Plating into 96 and 384-well plates
  • Expanding cell numbers through the seeding of a number of flasks
  • Transient transfection
  • Harvesting and plating of cells for assays and screening
  • Harvesting of cells in flasks for off-line processing
  • Incubation of up to 90 T 175 format flasks and 210 plates
  • Stem Cell Sciences (SCS) chose CompacT SelecT to culture several different human and mouse stem cell lines for supply to the world’s top pharmaceutical companies
  • ITI Life Sciences chose CompacT SelecT to develop a consistent bioprocess for manufacturing high-quality undifferentiated human embryonic stem (hES) cells
For more information visit: Automated Stem Cell Culture - CompacT SelecT
Cellmate - batch production of biologics, process development and research

Cellmate has been installed in over 80 sites around the world for batch production of biologics, process development and research. Cellmate is used for producing large quantities of cells for regenerative medicine and other cell therapies. Cellmate allows the flask based (T flasks and roller bottles) manual culture processes to be scaled up from research to production without process change shortening development times, reducing infrastructure requirements and simplifying validation for products that are difficult or impractical to transition in to large scale bioreactor production

  • Avigen chose Cellmate to help manufacture an adeno-associated viral vectored gene therapy product to be used in clinical trials
For more information visit: Cell Culture Systems - Cellmate
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