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mini bioreactor - ambr 250 modular
Mini bioreactor - ambr® 250 modular
New benchtop bioreactor for parallel fermentation or cell culture.
ambr® 250 modular is a new high performance, single-use benchtop bioreactor system for parallel fermentation or cell culture.
The system combines mini bioreactor stations, a control module and software to allow users to set up experiments quickly and easily, enabling them to focus more on the science.
In addition, a new fully integrated mini bioreactor vessel design eliminates the need for sterilization and reduces the risk of human error.
The ambr 250 modular benchtop bioreactor system enables the rapid set up and turnaround of experiments, reducing the time required to complete an experimental campaign.

ambr 250 modular features:

  • Control module manages individual mini bioreactor vessel requirements including pH, temperature, DO and impeller speed for up to 8 bioreactors
  • Each mini bioreactor has an option of a fully dedicated off-gas analyser measuring both CO2 and O2 and generating CER and OUR data points
  • 3 step “easy connect” vessel installation for all gas, liquid and sensor connections
  • Touch screen user interface enables easy control and supervision of multiple mini bioreactors
  • Modular, expandable design offers parallel control of 2, 4, 6 or 8 bioreactor experiments to meet the growing needs of your lab.

new benchtop bioreactor

Take an 'interactive tour' of the ambr 250 modular new benchtop bioreactor workstation>
ambr 250 modular mini bioreactor vessel - a new concept in single-use mini bioreactors
The mini bioreactor vessel is fully integrated with liquid reservoirs and proprietary syringe pumps; and the unit is single use.  This innovative design simplifies experimental set-up, significantly reduces manual handling and eliminates the need for vessel sterilization.
  • Fully disposable, single-use 100-250 mL mini bioreactor
  • Choice of mammalian or microbial vessels with pitch blade or Rushton impeller
  • 5 integrated liquid reservoirs (2 x 125 mL; 3 x 50 mL) with syringe pumps and liquid lines
  • Spot based DO sensor and disposable pH electrode
  • Integrated gas and liquid inlet filters
  • Sparge or headspace gassing options.
  mini bioreactor

Learn more about the revolutionary ambr 250 modular mini bioreactor vessel:

View the mini bioreactor vessel in 360 degrees >   Take an 'interactive tour' of the key mini bioreactor vessel features >
ambr 250 modular software

New benchtop bioreactor ambr 250 modular is supplied with the same easy-to-use software as the established ambr 250 high throughput system.

For ease of use and multi-tasking, the software has been designed as 4 separate applications:
  • Process definition: Simple “drag and drop” process steps for quick and easy definition of experiments
  • Runtime: Monitoring and adjustment of all process parameters in real time, for each individual bioreactor
  • Results viewer: Comparison of plots from experiments run at different times - allows parameters from multiple experiments to be plotted together on the same graph
  • Experiment viewer: Historical application enables users to fully analyse experiments looking at audit trails, all variables and completed recipes.
All applications enable export and import of data to/from different sources.
ambr 250 modular applications
ambr 250 modular is configurable for both microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture and can be used to model a wide range of processes in a variety of applications:
  • Biopharma R&D and process development
  • Industrial biotech R&D and process development
  • MProcess robustness experimentation in support of QbD studies
  • Vaccine process development
For more information on ambr 250 modular:
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