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small scale fermentation system - ambr 250



Small scale fermentation system - ambr250
New fully automated bioreactor for fermentation.

ambr 250® is a new bioreactor system for small scale fermentation using single-use bioreactors controlled by an automated workstation.
The new system, developed with two major industrial partners, builds on our successful microbioreactor technology, adding increased fermentation volumes, as well as individual bioreactor temperature and impeller control.
ambr 250 takes ambr technology to the next level with a new platform that adds increased working fermentation volumes as well as individual bioreactor temperature and impeller control. This enhanced environment supports the culture requirements for both high demand microbial fermentation and applications where larger sample volumes are required.
The aim of the ambr 250 development is to provide small scale fermentation system which changes the way fermentation process development is performed.
The system design enables:
  • Set-up and inoculation of up to 24 bioreactors in a single day with less than 1 FTE
  • Rapid turnaround reducing the ‘down-time’ of capital equipment
  • Sufficient capacity for 2 factorial DOE experiments in a single system run.

The NEW ambr 250 vessels

New, single use 100-250ml reactor vessels have been developed for use with the system – avoiding the need to clean reactors and sensors between runs.
The design includes a novel “easy connect” process enabling all gas, liquid and sensor connections to be made, quickly and simply, for fast turnaround between experiments.
ambr250 disposable micro bioreactor vessel
The ambr 250 workstation in detail
ambr 250 workstation offers independent, parallel control of 12 or 24 single-use bioreactors (100-250 ml working volume).
  • Fully automated small scale fermentation system, including - media fill, inoculation, sampling and feeding
  • Fully specified disposable mini bioreactor
  • Individual control for each bioreactor vessel - temperature, impeller speed, pH and DO
  • An individual set of four pumped lines for every bioreactor station
  • Integrated control of multiple bioreactors (12 or 24)
ambr 250 offers:
  • Microbial or mammalian culture
  • Automated set-up, seeding and sampling
  • A better tool for process development of microbes
  • Rapid evaluation of a wide range of conditions and cell line/strain performance
  • Excellent scalability to large-scale, bench top bioreactors
Applications include:
  • Process development for biopharma and industrial biotech
  • Process robustness experimentation in support of QbD studies
  • Automation of DOE approaches to process automation
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