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Company Overview
Schools’ STEM Outreach Programme at Sartorius Royston

Children Challenging Industry (CCI), co-ordinated by the University of York, is a STEM outreach programme which wants to inspire children to become the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

Sartorius’ Royston site is part of the CCI programme and we host school visits and run interactive workshops to give children hands-on experience of science and engineering

The video below shows a recent workshop for schoolchildren hosted at the Sartorius Royston site.

Nick Cooke, Managing Director, explains: "Our site is full of scientists and engineers who love what they do, and the CCI programme is a practical way to help our staff show primary and middle school children what it’s like working in different technical areas at an industrial company. However, we are one of only two companies in the South of England offering this opportunity and we would like to invite other firms to join us in running CCI site visits too."

"Sparking children’s interest now, will we believe open their eyes to the fulfilling careers they could enjoy as industrial engineers and scientists and may help manufacturing companies in the long term to recruit bright and engaged employees."

For more information on the CCI programme please contact Clare Docking
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