Assay development

Assay development

CompacT SelecT - production of cellular reagents in assay-ready plates

CompacT SelecT has been widely implemented to provide high quality cellular reagents in assay-ready plates for high throughput screening, lead optimisation and assay development. From standard CHO stable cell lines to embryonic stem cells, most adherent mammalian cell lines can be easily grown in the system, with minimal change from the standard manual flask-based processing.

HYPERflask and Triple flask processing options can be added to increase the incubation capacity and allow rapid output of bulk cell suspensions. These can be used directly in assay systems or for freezing into cryovials as part of a frozen cell screening strategy.

The new advanced plating module (APM) provides greater flexibility in plating output options including media changes in standard plates as well as maintenance of transport assay plates such as Caco2.

For more information visit: CompacT SelecT - System Overview


Cellmate - production of protein reagents for membrane assays

Cellmate has been installed in over 80 sites around the world for batch production of biologics (protein therapeutics and vaccines), process development and research. Cellmate is used in research for producing large quantities of cells for membrane assays.

Cellmate allows flask-based (T flasks and roller bottles) manual culture processes to be scaled up from research to production without process change for products that are difficult or impractical to transition in to large scale bioreactor production.

For more information visit: Cellmate - System Overview


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