ambr 15 cell culture ambr 15 cell culture

ambr® 15 cell culture

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The leading micro bioreactor system for cell line development and process optimisation

ambr® 15 cell culture mimics the characteristics of classical bioreactors at microscale (10-15ml), by using cost effective, disposable micro bioreactors, controlled by an automated workstation.

The system enables the rapid evaluation of multiple bioreactor cultures at microscale, increasing productivity in cell line development with significant savings on materials and labour.

ambr 15 cell culture is widely used by major Pharma and biologics companies, academic and research institutes as a reliable microscale model for a range of upstream processes.



ambr 15 cc single-use bioreactors
The ambr 15 cell culture workstation automates

The ambr 15 cell culture workstation controls 24 or 48 disposable bioreactors, offering parallel processing and evaluation of multiple experiments in an automated benchtop system.

  • Closed loop control of pH and DO with independent control of O2 and CO2 for each vessel
  • Automated liquid handling for reactor set-up, feeds, base addition and sampling
  • Easy installation into laminar flow hood allowing aseptic operation
  • Optional integrated Vi-CELL® cell viability analysis



The single use ambr 15 cell culture micro bioreactors

Central to the system is the single-use ambr micro bioreactor – specifically designed to mimic the characteristics of a larger scale bioreactor.

To learn more about the unique ambr micro bioreactor design, and to view key processes from load of media to sampling - take an interactive tour.



ambr analysis module
ambr 15 cell culture micro bioreactors

The ambr analysis module

The ambr analysis module is available for integration with ambr systems.

The module enables automated pH measurement, both for initial bioreactor vessel pH sensor calibration and subsequent in-process re-calibration, improving pH control and culture performance.



ambr 15 cell culture offers:
  • A better tool for cell line selection and development - closely mimics the conditions of larger scale bioreactors
  • Simplified adoption of Quality by Design (QbD) principles for cell culture development
  • Significant reduction in cost per experimenttic operation
  • More experiments with less operator time for set up and clean down


Applications include:
  • Cell line selection
  • Process optimisation
  • Media development
  • Media feed strategies
  • QbD and DoE studies
  • Transient transfection

Get more detail on the system’s key applications: process development & scale up and cell line selection & development


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Video gallery

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Micro bioreactor tour

Micro bioreactor tour

Take an interactive tour of the unique ambr 15 cell culture micro bioreactor.

Workstation tour

Workstation tour

View the key features and functionality of the ambr 15 cell culture workstation.

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