Ambr Clone Selection powered by Umetrics Cellmate

Ambr® Clone Selection Powered by Umetrics®- Software for Consistent Screening and Ranking

Ambr® Clone Selection is a new standalone software application for use with data from Ambr® systems to simplify the workflow for cell line screening and ranking.

It can be used in:

Users define the selection criteria such as cell density, product titer and key product quality attributes and assign priority weightings in order to screen and rank clones. The application uses a unique multivariable desirability assessment feature for clone ranking.

Ambr® Clone Selection is available for use with process and quality data from:


Ambr Clone Selection powered by Umetrics
The benefits of the software are:
  • Automation of the clone selection process improves speed and consistency
  • Selection criteria profiles can be stored and shared
  • Report is generated to record selection criteria and details
  • Maximizes use of data
  • Offers option to re-evaluate at any time
  • Flexibility to be used with data from Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250 for a range of screening applications


Ambr® Clone Selection powered by Umetrics® Interactive Tour

Learn more about the key features and functionality of the Ambr® Clone Selection software:


Ambr Clone Selection Interactive Tour




Ambr Clone Selection Demo Version
Explore the Ambr® Clone Selection software - demo and trial versions available

Ambr® Clone Selection software is available as an online demo with sample data (via online portal).

Alternatively, sign up for a 60-day free trial to use your own data (download required).


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