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Press release - for immediate release

10 February 2011

TAP Launches New Micro Bioreactor System featuring Vi-CELL To Integrate Cell Viability Analysis into Experimental Design

The Automation Partnership (TAP), a world leader in the design and development of innovative automation for life science applications, is delighted to announce its new micro bioreactor system (ambr™) is now available with integrated Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL® Cell Viability Analyser.

This new option on the ambr workstation, available with 24 or 48 disposable bioreactors, uses a fully integrated Vi-CELL Cell Viability Analyser to automate on-line measurement of viable cell number (VCN) and cell viability, thus allowing daily cell counts without the need for manual intervention. The system uses sterile, disposable tips to transfer cell suspensions to the counter and includes the ability to dilute cells prior to measurement thus minimising culture volumes used and allowing counts of dense cell suspensions.

With the integrated Vi-CELL analyser, scientists can also review numerical and image data via the ambr software providing a single location to manage the entire experiment. The integrated system can also use cell count data to make automatic feeds based on threshold values or proportional to the cell count, providing a truly walk away system with a built-in feedback loop. These features allow users to leave their experiments for automatic processing overnight or at weekends, saving time and further improving lab productivity.

Dr Barney Zoro, TAP’s ambr Product Manager stated: "The new ambr system is already in use at a number of bioprocess companies for applications such as clone selection. Customer feedback suggested that an integrated cell counter would further add to the utility of ambr. We responded by assessing several different cell counters to find the optimum system. We selected the Vi-CELL because it is a leading cell analyser from an established company and it adapted well to performing within the ambr environment.”

Zoro continued: “We are introducing this new option for ambr to enable additional
walk-away processing, which will be ideal for bioprocess scientists looking to significantly improve their cell line selection.”
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