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Press Release - for immediate release

07 July 2015

RAFT 3D cell culture system to be exclusively distributed by Lonza Bioscience

TAP Biosystems, now part of the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group, has reached an agreement with Lonza Bioscience to supply, exclusively, the growing market need for the RAFT 3D cell culture system as a Lonza product.

In the period since its introduction, the RAFT system has been used to create a wide variety of tissue models in varying therapeutic areas such as oncology, toxicology and neuroscience. To enable researchers to accelerate the development and implementation of the technology further, the system will now be supported by a market leading organization in cell culture.

Lonza brings breadth and depth in the supply of human primary cells and advanced media solutions, and is committed to a goal of increasing the physiological relevance of cell culture models for drug discovery and cell biology research. Adding the third dimension to those cultures is a natural progression, therefore the parties have worked together to enable this transition.

For further information, please contact:

Grant Cameron, RAFT Development Director

York Way, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5WY, UK
Tel: +44 1763 227200 Fax: +44 1763 227201

For further information visit

The Lonza website / RAFT

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