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20 April 2018
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Introduces Mini Microcarrier Bioreactor for Culturing Adherent Cells
14 March 2018
Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches new ambr® 250 high throughput bioreactor system for perfusion culture
19 September 2017
Engineer at Royston Technology Firm wins Second Cambridge Regional College Award
06 September 2017
Ingenza invests in ambr 250 modular technology for fast fermentation development
14 June 2017
Local Firms invited to join exciting STEM initiative
05 June 2017
Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches ambr® 15 bioreactor system with Nova BioProfile® FLEX2 integration
17 May 2017
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Partners with Nova Biomedical - Firms combine ambr® technology with the BioProfile® FLEX2
23 January 2017
Award-Winning Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme at Royston site now open for applications
31 October 2016
New Webinar on Implementing the ambr® 250 Modular Benchtop Bioreactor
28 September 2016
New Webinar on Developing Process Workflows for Rapid Scale-Up
16 June 2016
ambr 250 modular launch webinar: Innovative single-use benchtop bioreactor system for process development
15 June 2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches innovative ambr® 250 modular bioreactor system
09 June 2016
WuXi Biologics and Sartorius Stedim Biotech Open Joint R&D Biologics Laboratory in Shanghai
12 May 2016
New Poster on the ambr� 15 fermentation Micro Scale Bioreactor System
11 May 2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Royston site is recruiting for a variety of roles within this growing business
04 April 2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Royston Site Launches Science and Technology Workshop for Primary & Middle Schools
21 March 2016
Sartorius' Royston Site wins STEM Apprenticeship Employer of the Year and Overall Employer of the Year Awards
07 March 2016
Ginkgo Bioworks chooses ambr(R) 250 Systems to enable High Throughput Process Development of Engineered Microbes
01 March 2016
New paper from WuXi AppTec on Shortening Timelines for Bioprocessing of Protein-based Therapeutics
27 January 2016
New Webinar on ambr15 as a sedimentation-perfusion model for cultivation characteristics and product quality prediction
21 January 2016
New SelecT Mk5 Automated Cell Culture System Launched on Booth 1223 at SLAS
03 November 2015
New ambr(R) 15 fermentation Micro Scale Bioreactor System Provides Enhanced Microbial Strain Screening with Fed-Batch Capability
30 September 2015
New paper on Automated, Single-use, High-Throughput Process Development
07 July 2015
RAFT 3D cell culture system to be exclusively distributed by Lonza Bioscience
29 April 2015
ReNeuron to use Cellmate Automated Cell Culture for Stem Cell-based Stroke Therapy
27 April 2015
New Webinar on Faster cGMP Manufacturing Scale-up of Biotherapeutics Featuring an Industry Case Study from FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
04 March 2015
New Webinar on Integrating DoE Tools and ambr 15 Micro Bioreactors
25 February 2015
New ambr� bioreactor systems enhanced with software for Design of Experiments (DoE)
18 November 2014
New ambr 15 Webinar on Overcoming Bottlenecks in Cell Line Development Using Micro Bioreactors
05 November 2014
Top Ten Pharma uses Time Saving fill-it System in Biologics Manufacturing
27 October 2014
TAP Biosystems and Merck & Co Inc Triumph at BPI 2014 Awards
30 September 2014
TAP and Gallus co-host webinar on Accelerating Biosimilar Process Development; Explaining the Benefits of using ambr15 Microbioreactors for DoE
24 September 2014
New ambr250 webinars on optimising feed strategies using mini bioreactors
16 September 2014
Fujifilm chooses ambr250 mini bioreactor system to optimise its fermentation process development
11 September 2014
NEW Application Note for TAP�s ambr15 Micro Bioreactors
02 September 2014
Major Pharma chooses CompacT SelecT Automated Cell Culture System
31 July 2014
CCRM uses ambr15 for Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation Research
22 July 2014
NEW iPad App for TAPs ambr15 Automated Micro Bioreactor System
17 July 2014
Stainless Steel Vial Filling System Developed for use in Vaccine Facilities
19 June 2014
New ambr250 Webinar on Improving Process Development Timelines with Mini Bioreactors
15 May 2014
New ambr15 webinar on Accelerating Early Process Development using Microbioreactors
29 April 2014
Gallus BioPharma Utilises ambr15 To Rapidly Optimise Process Development of Novel Antibodies and Biosimilars
24 April 2014
Top Pharma, Biotechs and CRO choose ambr250 Automated Mini Bioreactor System
03 April 2014
New application of TAPs Automated Cell Culture System on Booth 1846 at the AACR
02 April 2014
Childrens Oncology Units choose Fill-It for Immunotherapy Research
13 February 2014
New Webinar on Mimicking Perfusion Culture Using Micro Bioreactors
30 January 2014
New Webinar Compares 2D and 3D Cell Culture Technologies
16 January 2014
TAP Biosystems Presents New Data on 3D Cell Culture Research at SLAS
04 December 2013
Cell Therapy Company uses TAPs Fill-It Automated Cryovial Processing System
22 November 2013
Shareholders of TAP Biosystems Group Plc approve Sartorius' takeover offer
31 October 2013
New Method for Microcarrier Cell Culture using TAP�s ambr Micro Bioreactors
24 October 2013
Major Food Ingredients Firm Chr. Hansen Installs TAPs Fill-It Automated Vial Processing System
22 October 2013
New Webinar on Oncology Applications of RAFT 3D Cell Culture
15 October 2013
NEW Application of TAPs ambr Microscale Bioreactor as Perfusion Mimic
09 October 2013
NEW for World Vaccine Congress TAPs Cellmate Mk9 Automated Cell Culture System
07 October 2013
TAP Biosystems Group plc announces acquisition offer by Sartorius Stedim Biotech
03 October 2013
NEW Microplate Hotel for TAPs CompacT SelecT Extends Screening System Support
11 September 2013
New webinar presents data on transforming cell line development workflows
09 August 2013
Using ambr to Bring Biologics to Market Faster - New Data Presented at BioProcess China
10 April 2013
UCB Data Shows Comparable Performance of Clones Cultured in ambr and 100L Bioreactors
07 March 2013
NEW 24-well RAFT Kit for Realistic 3D Cell Culture Models for Toxicology Research
05 March 2013
EMBL Choose ambr Micro Bioreactor System for Insect Cell Culture
28 February 2013
TAP Biosystems Launches New Plate Heater for Cell-based Applications
15 January 2013
TAP Biosystems Partners with Life Technologies on New Transient Expression Platform
11 January 2013
Top Pharma and Biotech firms Trust CompacT Automated Cell Culture to Generate their Cell Lines
10 January 2013
NEW RAFT Kit for 3D Cell Culture in Inserts Introduced on Booth #712 at SLAS2013
03 December 2012
TAP and CCRM Collaborate on Process Optimisation Project for Cell Therapies
01 November 2012
TAP Biosystems Announces Webinar on Innovations in 3D cell culture
30 October 2012
Tecan and TAP Biosystems to automate RAFT 3D cell culture using Freedom EVO system
15 October 2012
New Distribution Partner in Australia and New Zealand for TAP Biosystems
04 October 2012
New Collaboration between TAP Biosystems and UCL To Develop Biomimetic 3D Cancer Models
02 October 2012
TAP Biosystems Announces Automated Cell Processing Systems Available on GSA Contract
09 August 2012
NEW 100-250 mL Scalable Bioreactor System Unveiled at Bioprocess Summit
08 August 2012
TAP Biosystems Introduces New Scalable Bioreactor System at SIMB
03 July 2012
TAP Biosystems Hosts International Distributors Meeting and Award Ceremony
21 June 2012
TAP Biosystems Launches E-commerce Site for RAFT 3D Cell Culture Kits
19 June 2012
TAP Biosystems Unveils RAFT 3D Cell Culture System at SLAS Asia on Stand 41
04 June 2012
TAP and Corning collaborate on automated system for HYPERStack vessels
24 May 2012
TAP Biosystems Announce New Webinar Programme on Applications of Micro Bioreactors
22 May 2012
TAP Biosystems Wins UCL Small to Medium Enterprise Partner of the Year Award
17 May 2012
ATCC Delivers 350 Different Cell Lines Using TAP Biosystems Automated Cell Culture System
10 May 2012
TAP Biosystems Collaborates with UK University to Develop Biomimetic 3D CNS Models
08 May 2012
New Data Validates TAP Biosystems Micro Bioreactor as Realistic Scale-Down Model
03 May 2012
New Scientific Data on use of Stem Cells for Ocular Surface Regeneration
26 April 2012
TAP Biosystems Project to Develop a Cell Therapy for Corneal Surface Disease Receives Additional Funding for Pre-clinical and First in Man Trials
03 April 2012
I-Stem choose TAP Biosystems Automated Cell culture and Vial Filling Systems
29 March 2012
Regenerative Medicine Firm Chooses CellBase CT for Autologous Cell Therapies
22 March 2012
TAP Biosystems Appoints a New Chairman and a New Non-Executive Director
08 March 2012
TAP Unveils 96-well 3D Cell Culture System at Zurich Conference
23 February 2012
TAP Biosystems Appoints New Sales Director for North America
09 February 2012
Georgia Tech Chooses ambr Micro Bioreactor for Novel Stem Cell Research
03 February 2012
TAP Biosystems Launches Innovative 3D Cell Culture Plate at SLAS
26 January 2012
Collaborative research develops potential cell therapy for corneal surface disease
24 January 2012
Blood production research teams use ambr for process optimisation
19 January 2012
TAP develops Custom Automation for Cell Therapy Manufacture
13 December 2011
Life Technologies Installs TAPs Automated Cryovial Filling System
06 December 2011
TAP Biosystems Announces Rapid Expansion of its Bioprocess Team
17 November 2011
TAP Biosystems Receives IMechE Accreditation
13 October 2011
TAP Biosystems Launches Micro Bioreactor with Active Cooling
06 October 2011
TAP Biosystems Successfully Relocates Major Compound Store of 1.7 Million Samples
29 September 2011
NEW Integrated Vi-CELL XR Option for TAP Biosystems Automated Cell Culture System
22 September 2011
New Labware for Micro Bioreactor System Previews at PEACe Conference
08 September 2011
Top Biopharma Companies choose Cellmate for Manufacturing Biotherapeutics
21 July 2011
TAP Installs First Fully Integrated Micro Bioreactor System at Top US Pharma
19 July 2011
TAP Biosystems Appoints New Distribution Partners in South East Asia
16 June 2011
TAP Biosystems Installs First ambr 48 System at Major European Pharma
09 June 2011
New Automated Cell Culture and Maintenance System for Stem Cell Research
05 May 2011
New Data on Automated Cell Culture for Manufacturing Autologous Cell Therapies
14 April 2011
New Options for CompacT SelecT Automated Cell Culture Systems
06 April 2011
New Software for ambr Micro Bioreactor System Offers Scientists 24/7 Control
28 March 2011
New 96-well 3D Tissue Model Production System for Cell-based Screening
27 March 2011
TAP Biosystems launched as New Corporate Identity for The Automation Partnership
24 February 2011
TAP Strengthens its European Sales and Support Team
10 February 2011
TAP Launches New Micro Bioreactor System featuring Vi-CELL
26 January 2011
US Launch of TAPs New Dispensing System for Nuncs 48-way Racks of Vials
18 January 2011
TAP Launches New System for Ex-vivo Expansion of Autologous Cell Therapies
12 January 2011
TAP Appoints Susan Vogt as New Non-Executive Director
02 December 2010
TAP Previews new 3D tissue modelling system at TERMIS and ASCB Meetings
18 November 2010
TAP's Preventative Maintenance for Cedex Cell Counters
03 November 2010
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Installs TAPs CompacT SelecT
27 October 2010
New UK Centre for Cell Manufacturing Validates TAPs CellBase CT System
14 October 2010
TAPs ambr Micro-bioreactor Mimic Shortlisted for Prestigious IChemE Award
29 September 2010
New Mobile Class II Biosafety Cabinet for TAPs Fill-It System
15 September 2010
NEW 48 Micro Bioreactor System from TAP Premiers at BioProcess International 2010
31 August 2010
TAP Introduces New Fill-It 48-Way Automated Dispensing System at ELRIG Meeting
17 August 2010
TAPs CompacT SelecT System Installed at US Biodefence Facility of Foremost Medical Research Centre
14 July 2010
New Advanced Plating Module for TAPs Automated Cell Culture System
06 July 2010
Major Cell Culture Centre Chooses TAPs Automated Cryovial Filling System (Fill-It)
30 June 2010
TAP Sells First ambr System to Global Antibody Therapeutics Company
23 June 2010
European and US Road Show of TAPs Vial Filling System for Cell Banking
15 June 2010
TAPs Automated Stem Cell Processing Suite Premiers on Stand 820 at ISSCR
20 May 2010
TAP Previews New System for 3D Tissue Production at TERMIS
18 May 2010
TAP and International Stem Cell Corporation enter into strategic alliance to automate cornea tissue production
06 April 2010
TAP Announces Man versus Fill-It Challenge on Booth 517 at SBS 2010
15 February 2010
US and European Launch of ambr - a New Automated Micro Bioreactor System
27 January 2010
Capit-All IS - Automated Capper/Decapper for Integration with Automated Liquid Handling Equipment is launched at LabAutomation 2010
21 January 2010
TAP Appoints Phillip Sefton as New Commercial Director
19 January 2010
TAP Begins New Five Year Collaboration with Top Regenerative Medicine Centre
01 December 2009
TAP Collaborates with Major Pharma Company To Deliver Unique System for Automated Cell Culture in Shake Flasks
24 November 2009
TAP's Advanced Projects Group Collaborates with Major European Biotech
13 October 2009
TAP's Advanced Projects Group Announce Successful Collaboration with Cellectricon
12 October 2009
Novel Technology for Scalable Bioreactor Simulation Previews at Bioprocess International Conference
15 September 2009
TAP hosts bioProcess UK and East of England Stem Cell Network reception
13 August 2009
New 20 Years of Automated Cell Culture Podcast episode features Professor David Williams
29 July 2009
UK Biobank is Opened by HRH Princess Anne
06 July 2009
TAP Celebrates 20 Years of Automated Cell Culture at ISSCR
28 June 2009
TAP sponsors ELRIG meeting on Frozen Cells & Automated Cell Culture
08 June 2009
TAP's First Project to Automate Manufacture of 3D Tissue Constructs
05 June 2009
New Automated System for Manufacturing Clinical Grade Stem Cells at ESACT 09
15 May 2009
TAP's 10th automated cell culture user group meeting hosted by Merck
27 April 2009
TAP launches automated tube decapper for integration into liquid handling systems
24 April 2009
TAP Launches New Custom Automation Division
14 April 2009
ReNeuron successfully automates its stem cell manufacturing process on CompacT SelecT
05 March 2009
The Automation Partnership sponsors LRIG meeting on automated cell culture
26 January 2009
The Automation Partnership announces new high-throughput nano-litre plate production system
03 January 2009
Cellectricon Collaborates With The Automation Partnership



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