Technical Helpdesk Services

Supporting Customers via a Global Support Network

We offer customers a global support network, provided directly through staff in the USA and Europe and indirectly through accredited partners for the rest of the world.

Technical Helpdesk services ensure that customers are supported across a complete range of service and support issues.


Office Locations

We have two service & support offices, based in Hertfordshire, UK and Wilmington, DE, USA. Each office operates its own dedicated Technical Helpdesk, manages customers' enquiries for service, as well as spares and consumables ordering.


Our offices are staffed during the following hours:

UK Office Monday - Friday 09:00 – 17:30 GMT Telephone: +44 1763 227333
US Office Monday - Friday 09:00 – 17:30 EST Telephone: +1 302 478 9060 ext 1

To report an issue online, Contact our Service & Support Team

Email and Telephone Support

All customers with a service and support plan have direct access to our highly skilled team of service engineers and system operators via our dedicated call management system. This tracks the status of all enquiries until the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.

Enquiries are handled directly by our Technical Helpdesk or passed to one of our team of dedicated service engineers. They will provide support by email or telephone (within 4 working hours, faster if required).

On-Site Service Engineers

If an engineer is required on-site, this is co-ordinated via the Technical Helpdesk. Service engineers will arrive at the customer’s site within 36 hours.

As our systems age, component parts may no longer be available due to the ongoing cycle of product development by third party manufacturers. To mitigate this eventuality, we continually monitor key components within all systems and provides service updates on a regular basis to ensure the system is not vulnerable to obsolescence issues.

For more information on ongoing product support for your system

Contact our Service & Support Team