Process Support

Extensive Industry Experience, A Multi-Disciplinary Team

To complement its highly-skilled technical service, our support team also includes biologists, scientists and process specialists with industry experience across regenerative medicine, discovery and bioprocessing.

The multi-disciplinary team not only understands customers issues but also has the industry experience to provide realistic solutions to real-world problems.


Applications Support

We have extensive industry experience in adapting a wide range of manual processes into automation-friendly equivalents. Working with system operators, the team will ensure that the system delivers to its full potential and maximises return on investment.

We can help with the transfer of new processes to the system, refine existing processes to produce throughput and efficiency gains, and identify the impact of automation on upstream and downstream processes.

Protocol Development

We can work with customers to provide new protocols, or modify existing ones, to enhance functionality and optimise automation performance.

System and Site Reviews

Valuable for both new customers and those with established systems, we can provide an in-depth system or site review to analyse the present status and delivery capability of an installed system, discuss key system metrics and make recommendations to improve internal processes to meet future needs.

Validation and GMP Compliance

We have extensive knowledge in developing automation and supporting validation in demanding GMP environments.

As part of the supply of products into GMP and other regulated laboratories, we can provide full vendor support for the validation of the system. This may include information about the design specifications, type testing, and IQ/OQ during the implementation phase.

We can also provide additional resources to help in developing the Master Validation Plan and with associated risk assessments to support alignment - with the latest risk based validation approaches of the regulatory authorities such as the FDA.

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