Product Support

A Lifetime of Quality Care for our Automation Systems

Our Service Team is committed to delivering a lifetime of quality care for all automation systems - from initial training and PM visits, to ongoing upgrades and component replacement.

A comprehensive range of product support services ensure that customers' requirements are met throughout the system's entire lifecycle.


Operator and Maintenance Training

We offer a comprehensive range of training programmes to help customers adapt quickly to the automated environment. Courses are available for new operators and front-line maintenance staff, as well as refresher and advanced courses for existing staff.


Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is an extremely efficient sporicidal agent that can be used in all enclosures for guaranteed biological control. VHP decontamination services are available for the range of TAP’s automated systems.

Filter validation services can also be supplied using our Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) methodology. This service is also available for other laboratory equipment including bio-safety cabinets and other vendor's cabinet enclosures.

Preventative Maintenance

Our systems give many years of reliable and effective operation. To maintain high levels of performance we recommend regular scheduled visits for hardware and software preventative maintenance. Usually undertaken as part of a service contract, our experienced Engineers will perform an extensive diagnostic review on your system and correct, or make recommendations, to ensure optimum performance.

System Upgrades

To ensure our systems remains fully utilised throughout its lifecycle, we has developed a library of hardware and software upgrades. These upgrades are available for all our systems. In addition, we are continuously investing in product development to incorporate the latest technological advances and evolving market needs.

Software Development

For over 20 years we has been providing high quality software solutions to manage complex robotic and process control requirements, as well as inventory tracking and workflow management. These software solutions form an integral part of our systems. Software development is also available as a standalone service to provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to your small-scale software development requirements.

Component Replacement

As our systems age, component parts may no longer be available due to the ongoing cycle of product development by third party manufacturers. To mitigate this eventuality, we continually monitor key components within all systems and provides service updates on a regular basis to ensure the system is not vulnerable to obsolescence issues.

Laboratory Relocation and Decommissioning

As Facilities and Real Estate continue to be consolidated, or businesses and capabilities are acquired, systems may need to be relocated. We havemany years experience with system movements globally and can draw upon a wide network of contacts and companies to deliver a comprehensive relocation or decommissioning service.

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