Service and Support Plans

Full Circle Laboratory Maintenance and Calibration Services

We offer service & support plans for each product, dependent on specific customer requirements and system usage. The full range of features and benefits of each plan can be found in the Service & Support Plans brochure.

All Service & Support Plans include technical helpdesk support plus pre-scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) visits, access to the customer web portal, annual calibration and performance certification and operational software support.

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Ambr® 15 Service Plans

Fill-It Service Plans

Ambr® 250 Service Plans

CompacT SelecT Service Plans


Standard Extended Service Plans

To ensure on-going performance and reliability, all Service & Support Plans can be purchased with the original systems and then renewed on an annual basis. Customers can also opt for a 3-year Service Plan which offers additional savings to the standard 12-month contract period.

Comprehensive and Assurance Plus Service Plans

These plans come with significant additional features and benefits such as remote diagnostics and automatic software updates and upgrades to keep the system current with new features and enhancements. In addition these two plans offer 'Applications Support' and '4 Hour Response Times', as detailed below.

Applications Support

The Comprehensive and Assurance Plus Service Plans include the support of dedicated application specialists. These experienced professionals work with customers to ensure that systems deliver to their full potential by successfully transferring and optimizing manual processes to the automated systems.

4 Hour Response Time

With Comprehensive and Assurance Plus Service Plans technical helpdesk response time to questions is within 4 hours during a normal business day.

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